How do I apply?2019-05-19T09:43:32-04:00

We are currently accepting applications. You can apply here.

Where are you located?2019-05-17T12:56:21-04:00

We are located in Toronto, Canada with satellite sales offices opening soon in New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London, and Dubai.

How much do you invest in each startup?2019-05-17T12:58:15-04:00

We invest up to $100,000 CAD with each startup.

How much equity do you require?2019-05-17T12:59:02-04:00

Each portfolio company is different so we negotiate each deal based on the individual companies.

Why do you take a sales royalty?2019-05-17T13:00:26-04:00

When you join the XR Ignite Hyper-Accelerator, we become your partner for everything a startup needs to become a real company. We take our role in marketing, branding, and sales very seriously, and we want to create the most value for our portfolio companies. We are committed to driving revenue with the most dedicated professionals in the industry. Our global sales reach will hyper-accelerate your products around the world. We only get paid for results, and we are highly motivated to make that happen for your company.

Why XR Ignite?2019-05-17T13:01:00-04:00

Our mission is to hyper-accelerate XR for business and education. Most startups do not have the resources to hire top tier full-time sales, marketing, and financial teams. By using the Ignite XR team and its partner network, our portfolio companies have access to top talent for a fraction of the cost of hiring them directly. We also have global sales and marketing reach giving your product instant scale throughout the world.

Do you invest in companies outside virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR)?2019-05-17T13:01:28-04:00

Typically no. Our primary experience is in XR business applications. We have considerable networks in the space and access to potential clients, investors and developers to help our portfolio companies grow fast. We consider 360° video, photogrammetry, 3D modelling, computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio, haptics, VR, AR, and MR to be within the realm of XR.

Do you invest in companies from outside Canada?2019-05-09T10:29:50-04:00

Yes. We know talented entrepreneurs come from all around the world. We invest in the best companies with the most promise and we make them successful. Our global satellite offices will allow us to help you sell your products around the world as soon as you’re ready to scale.

When and where are the sessions? Do I have to be present for all of them?2019-05-17T13:02:00-04:00

XR Ignite is an intensive 3-month program based in Toronto, Canada. At least the CEO is required to be present for the three months. We facilitate client and mentor dinners, strategic sessions, course work, partnerships with University MBA programs for sales & marketing. You will learn more in 3 months than what the average founder aspires to figure out in a year. For this reason, it’s critical that at least your CEO is able to attend every session. Note that acceptance is contingent on your ability to be there.

What is the composition of your team, including backgrounds and team functions?2019-05-17T13:02:48-04:00

The accelerator team consists of professionals and subject matter experts from sales, marketing, branding, financial management, investment/M&A, grant writing, enterprise licensing, computer vision, virtual & augmented reality, and UX/UI. Click here to meet our team, advisors, and mentors.

What investment do you make in startups?2019-05-17T13:03:28-04:00

Ignite XR invests up to $100K CAD for access to the XR Ignite program, community, team and mentors. In exchange, XR Ignite receives a percentage of equity made on a case-by-case basis. Valuations are impossible at this early stage so we look to addressable market size, traction, team, and other factors to make the best decisions.

What are the returns, time horizons, and exit expectations of your portfolio companies?2019-05-17T13:03:42-04:00

Each company has different horizons and timelines. The accelerator is really there to take startups from POC to product and start selling their solutions into businesses immediately. Our goal is to prepare companies for sales, drive their recurring revenues up, and prepare them for additional investment and exit through acquisition or IPO. Our vision is to create the maximum returns for our investors within a 10-year horizon.

We are a funded startup; will you still accept us?2019-05-17T13:49:07-04:00

Yes, we will work with any startup that is market-ready. If you wish to waive our investment, you can pay to be part of the program. We will work with you to ensure the equity and sales royalty works for all stakeholders involved.


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